Distributed Consensus (RAFT)-Part I

Before starting with RAFT let me grab the definition of consensus from Wikipedia. A process of decision-making that seeks widespread agreement among group members. Well, that gives more clarity 😀. In short, if everyone in a group agrees on a single thing then they have a consensus. Consider that i have an application service comprising of a primary node and a few secondary nodes. To serve the purpose of availability if something happens to the primary node one of the secondary nodes should take the charge....

2020-10-08 · 4 min

Quart the Asyncio web framework

Node.js has changed the JS world forever, So as a python developer at that time I thought hey why can’t we bring that architecture to python (we already had generators ), even though it was a bit late the asyncio feature was released on the 3.4 version. So what does it do, compare to JS async/await statement Let us see an example of how asyncio works in python 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 import asyncio async def saySomething(): print("Hai") await asyncio....

2019-10-08 · 2 min

RSMQ- Message queueing with Node js and Redis

So what is message queuing? It’s simple if two processes need to speak to each other they should use a shared memory location to exchange data (OS-class 101 Interprocess communication 😄 ). Consider the process as two different services. Service #1 may be a web backend and Service2# may be a system software that does a specific task that it’s meant to do, to synchronize stuff’s between both services they need to access the same memory location, and obviously, the representation in memory will be a queue data structure....

2019-06-08 · 3 min